National Business Development

The National Business Development Program was developed to offer better service to accounts which have locations across multiple markets, whether regional or national.

The program consists of a dedicated team at the Home Office who work to develop relationships with national clients in order to help them save time and solve problems. The coast-to-coast coverage that the National Business Development Program offers helps our franchise locations service accounts that they otherwise might not be able to manage services for.

The program creates multiple benefits for our National Business Development clients, including:

  • One City Wide contact for clients to work with nationally
  • Coast-to-coast coverage
  • 20+ services managed by an on-site Facility Services Manager
  • 24-hour client care policy in which issues can be escalated to the Home Office
  • Consolidated billing
  • Quarterly program reviews
  • National relationship aligns City Wide’s strategy with client’s facility maintenance strategy
  • Accurate and consistent communication to Facility Services Managers through
    • Client Program Requirement Documents
    • Monthly Calls for operational updates

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